2015 has arrived! Happy New Year dear friends!

Catriona & Alistair spent a stormy Glasgow afternoon making this for you in December. Before 2015 takes off in full flight, we hope you enjoy a strange rainbow version of a truly beautiful tune from Russia!

The Beatitudes is an ancient Russian chant from the Yaroslavl' region. Catriona heard this chant sung by magnificent vocal group Sirin, the Ancient Spiritual Music Ensemble from Russia when at a recent festival directed by Boris Berezovsky. Catriona was playing in Moscow with Chris Stout as part of the festival and had the opportunity to hear and play with amazing Russian musicians. To find out more about Sirin go to www.sirin.ru

The Beatitudes

Ancient Russian chant from the Yaroslavl’ region

music & visuals by strange rainbow

Catriona McKay - harp, Alistair MacDonald - live electronics

© strange rainbow 2014

Short clip from ‘Isflak'  (composed by Catriona McKay & Chris Stout) with the  Moscow City Symphony – Russian Philharmonic and Boris Berezovsky. Moscow, November 2014

STMA winner2014

Catriona was awarded Intrumentalist of the Year 2014 at the Scots Trad Music Awards. 

sea.cover - Version 2

SEAVAIGERS (2014)  cd now available to buy from CODA MUSIC

SEAVAIGERS: Chris Stout | Catriona McKay | Scottish Ensemble | Sally Beamish

The story of Sally Beamish's 'Seavaigers' featuring fiddler Chris Stout, harper Catriona McKay and the Scottish Ensemble.

The double concerto for Shetland fiddle and Scottish harp tells the story of a vivid sea journey from Dundee to Shetland and atmospherically depicts the birds, dolphins, fears and adventures of a spectacular North Sea voyage.
Upcoming performances: 

Nov 26th Nov Gala Concert with the Moscow City Symphony – Russian Philharmonic



“a triumph of brilliant musicality, joyous expression, daring harmonic shifts and moving melodicism” 

Glasgow Herald, Jan 2014  

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Begley McKay Stout

BEGLEY MCKAY STOUT (2014) 'This is music of the moment: bristling with the excitement of newly minted camaraderie and bolting towards the door for the wide open spaces it craves. And yet, there’s a finesse to the collection’. Irish Times 2014 read the whole review


© Catriona McKay 2015