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Seavaigers: Chris Stout / Catriona McKay / Scottish Ensemble / Sally Beamish

The story of Sally Beamish's 'Seavaigers' featuring fiddler Chris Stout, harper Catriona McKay and the Scottish Ensemble.

The double concerto for Shetland fiddle and Scottish harp tells the story of a vivid sea journey from Dundee to Shetland and atmospherically depicts the birds, dolphins, fears and adventures of a spectacular North Sea voyage.

Upcoming performances:
22nd July 2014
12th World Harp Congress, Sydney, Australia


HARPONIUM “a triumph of brilliant musicality, joyous expression, daring harmonic shifts and moving melodicism”Glasgow Herald, Jan 2014 read the whole review

Audio Clip from Track 1

Kronos Reel, HARPONIUMcomposed by Catriona McKay

Catriona McKay 2014