1st June 2014, Salisbury International Arts Festival, Nils Økland, Catriona McKay, Olov Johansson

This folk night brings together musicians from across the North Sea,exploring links between Celtic and Scandinavian heritage and how these traditions influence the folk music of today. Celtic harpistCatriona McKay is joined by Nils Økland, renowned master of Norway’s national instrument, the hardanger fiddle, and Olov Johansson, Sweden’s great nyckelharpa player. The music they play bears the unique marks of its own cultural heritage, Swedish, Norwegian or Celtic, yet it also captures the ethereal beauty of the North European landscape, blending together improvisations and new compositions. The rich, expressive colours of these varied string instruments, as striking in design as in sound, hint at the silent roar of the mountains and the dark beauty of the lands from which they come.


Salisbury International Arts Festival

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