credits and thanks

thank you…

to the musicians who give me inspiration, wonderful sounds to listen to

and who give their time and energy to make music with me

Louis DeCarlo, Donald MacLeaod, Lieve Boussauw and Lucy Kendra for their brilliant  photography

Kris Kesiak for my brilliant Harponium photos, and many other photo sessions and outstanding ethos and design. You capture the spirit of the music with your vision as if by magic, what a gift you are.

all of the photographers of each photo used within this website

to my teachers 

Fiona Davidson | Isobel Mieras | Charlotte Petersen | Patsy Seddon | Mary MacMaster | Alison Kinnaird | Wendy Stweart | Anne Marie O’Farrell | Kim Feming | Eira Lynn Jones | Saida De Lyon | Eluned Piecrce | Mary Neave | Bill Stevenson | Ron Turbyne | George McPhee | Alistair MacDonald | tutors at the RSAMD and RNCM

and my students

people who believe in the power of music

Robert Hakalski for his stylish design work

Starfish Designs harp makers, for their trust and support, enthusiasm and commitment to furthering the development of the Scottish harp

Scottish Arts Council / Creative Scotland

Clarsach Society & Edinburgh Harp Festival

Firstmate & Coda Music

to the kind people I have met on my travels and have helped the life of this travelling musician.

to all who smile, a smile can keep me going a long time


Catriona McKay 2020