I am delighted to bring you this new recording with my long time collaborator Alistair MacDonald.

Alistair and I have made music together for many years and we were missing making new music together this past year. Given the restrictions at the time Alistair suggested we try playing together over the internet. We did a trial set up, me in Dundee, Alistair in Glasgow so we could check we could hear each other and see if or how long a time delay there would be.

Alistair gave a beat and we both 'ticked' in tempo but what we heard through the headphones was ‘tick/tick..tick/tick’ a small but confusing delay. We were in fits of laughter, how can we make music like this? But that wasn’t going to stop us! We decided it was time for slow music and so the album was born.

We play our own compositions as well as old harp melodies from manuscripts, poignant laments, music that tells the shared story of love, loss and transformation.

when feathers appear

slow music to submerge yourself in | exhilarating sounds for embracing the storm | music of love, loss and transformation

catriona mckay | scottish harp
alistair macdonald | live electronics

1. beginnings in disguise (royal lament) 8:57
2. against the wind 5:53
3. the transformation (macgregor of roro’s lament) 6:46
4. when feathers appear 5:36
5. evanescent (the harper’s dismissal) 6:46
6. divine messengers (you’ve left me feeling melancholy) 5:45
7. ae fond kiss (rory dall’s port) 5:52

this album is dedicated to Dougie Anderson (1951-2020)


℗ Glimster Records 2021

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when feathers appear (2021) Catriona McKay | Alistair MacDonald

when feathers appear cd & covers 258kb.jpg
Catriona McKay 2020