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Catriona McKay is from Dundee, Scotland. She is a fearless explorer of the Scottish harp who is widely recognised for her dynamic musicianship and innovative rhythm harp style.

Catriona has a hugely rewarding music partnership of more than 20 years with Shetland fiddler and composer Chris Stout. The duo has performed worldwide communicating their bold and adventurous dialogue of their native Scottish music. They have several duo recordings, have scored many of their works for larger ensembles including the Scottish Ensemble and Quatuor Ebene and have orchestrated several of their compositions. In 2012 they premiered ‘Seavaigers’ the first ever concerto for Scottish harp and fiddle, written especially for them by composer Sally Beamish.

Catriona has has 4 solo harp albums, has created 3 albums of improvised music with composer and sound artist Alistair MacDonald, 2 albums with Swedish nyckelharper Olov Johansson, recorded as a guest on many tracks and 3 albums with Shetland band Fiddlers' Bid.

Catriona’s solo music highlights her signature harmonic and rhythm harp style. Her HARPONIUM series combines both the strength and delicacy of her harp with bold, warm, characterful harmonium. Love in Secret (2020) is another album recorded and produced by Catriona but this time is completely solo harp.

Catriona’s composition Swan LK243, written for a Shetland herring fishing boat that was built in 1900 has gone on to be played and recorded by musicians worldwide.

She has many awards including Scots Trad Music Awards Instrumentalist of the Year 2007 & 2014 and BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Best Duo 2018 with Chris Stout.

Catriona has featured on many recordings, composes, arranges and orchestrates music for her various projects.

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