Chris Stout & Catriona McKay

Dynamic duo sound sensation: 'Sonically exquisiteThe Guardian

Catriona McKay & Chris Stout BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Best Duo 2018


photo by Kris Kesiak

“The one fact that seems to momentarily escape you throughout this musical journey, is that you are listening to just the two instruments. The harp and fiddle have so much to offer in terms of depth and range, that anything else would be an intrusion apart from the silence between the tracks. Breathtakingly beautiful stuff.” (Northern Sky)

Having gigged, explored and sculpted their musical identities together for 15 years now, Catriona McKay (Scottish Harp) and Chris Stout (Shetland Fiddle) continue to evolve and create a sound and style “operating at a rarefied level of expertise” (The Herald). They recorded their first duo cd “Laebrack” in 2005 and have been part of many other projects together over the years as trustworthy collaborators.


photo by Kris Kesiak


The crafting of their voice as a duo which blends “elemental intensity with graceful eloquence” (The Herald) has drawn them to explore new music and new ideas for this partnership of traditional instruments – “sensual, throaty fiddle lines…harp is deliciously angular and haughty” (Irish Times).

Catriona McKay & Chris Stout METAL DOOR SQUARE

Their latest album White Nights was released in the summer of 2010 to rave reviews. They proceeded to orchestrate and perform White Nights with Symphony Nova Scotia, conducted by Shalom Bard.

2012 bore a collaboration of Catriona & Chris with composer Sally Beamish which resulted in the concerto for Scottish Harp and Fiddle 'SEAVAIGERS'. Catriona and Chris have performed this at Celtic Connections 2012 and the Edinburgh International Harp Festival 2012 with the acclaimed Scottish Ensemble and at Trondheim Kammermusikk Festival 2012 the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.

more information about Catriona and Chris' joint musical journey can be found on their shared website

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photo by Kris Kesiak

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