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Catriona McKay is a fearless explorer of the Scottish harp who is widely recognised for her dynamic musicianship and innovative style.

A diverse Scottish musician who has a unique sound fused with a daring rhythmic style. She has a long standing duo with fiddle genius Chris Stout. They explore sounds that connect and challenge through a bold and adventurous dialogue of their native Scottish music.

Catriona plays in Shetland band Fiddlers' Bid, with Swedish nyckelharper Olov Johansson, improvising duo Strange Rainbow and the Glasgow Improvisors Orchestra.

Her exceptional inventiveness and unique rhythm harp playing combined with imagination and skill keep her at the forefront of harp playing.

Catriona's cd Harponium is a solo project with music composed, recorded and produced by herself.

Catriona McKay Harponium 2014 SMALL

'a triumph of brilliant musicality, joyous expression, daring harmonic shifts and moving melodicism.

The Glasgow Herald

‘and the playing invariably stunning – no other word for it’

The Living Tradition

'You'll wonder how two hands can produce such lush, complex and original sounds and rhythmic patterns, all served up with astonishing clarity.

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HARPONIUM was a solo venture, HARPONIUM electrosessions is an outcome of an extraordinary musical experience with a long standing friend and collaborator. How fortunate can you be to have friends to help discover your music more deeply and delve into spaces, sounds and textures where you can find more, explore more, communicate in a different way? Can you imagine being given the chance to sculpt, shape, tempt, eke out, disintegrate, elaborate, all for the good of that artistic moment? It makes you feel so alive because it really is on the edge without knowing if you will fly or fall, so you trust and believe.

Alistair MacDonald and I have played improvised electro acoustic music since meeting at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 1998. In 2014 we sat down to mix my HARPONIUM album and having spent many hours listening and absorbing we decided to use that material for our next studio session. It was a dream, the years of exploring step by step with various electro acoustic processes along with the shared familiar material as a basis allowed us to simply take off, play and enjoy. So we decided to share this moment with you the beautiful listener. Here you have it, an hour of HARPONIUM electrosessions.

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HARPONIUM electrosessions Catriona McKay & Alistair MacDonald SMALL

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Catriona McKay Harponium 2014 SMALL


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