ap huw dialouges (2006)

The Ap Huw Dialogues (LIVE at the Tolbooth, Stirling, October 2006)

"This is the oldest collection of harp music in existence...an ancient style of music that once dominated the Celtic world"

Paul Dooley, performer, Ap Huw Munuscript. (www.pauldooley.com)

Note from Catriona...

“It has been a compulsive aim for me to find a place for the traditional harp of Scotland within today's wider musical culture, independent of any particular genre. With this in mind I have developed a new instrument along with Starfish Designs. The "Ap Huw Dialogues" is free improvised music, created over the past two years with the new Starfish McKay harp, played by me, and laptop design and performance by Alistair MacDonald, a leading electroacoustic composer. It is a realisation of an attempt to find a contemporary voice for this ancient instrument: music that communicates through sound in a way that draws from tradition as well as the world in which we live today, reaching out with sounds and associations of the past and present.” 2006

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